Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NOTHING makes my day...

 like a set of cool photos that come
to my inbox!  these were from a lovely
lady (with a fabulous shop) in bend oregon.

check out this fabulous window!  !!!
*she hired a VERY talented window painter
to create windows based on my style...
and i don't think i could have done a better job


more cute...

AND THIS!  this one really tickles my fancy...
a display using some of my DENY designs

and paper products and
greeting cards to boot!

now i just need to make my way down
to  bend oregon... to see this sweet little
store in person!

details you ask?

(which is inside a mother store called Tres Jolie, in Bend)
                                                                933 NW WALL STREET
 Bend, Oregon

seems like a little trip needs to be arranged!



Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays
to you
(and yours)

it has been a crazy year.
i'll write soon and tell you all about it.
but until then, i wish each and every one of
you the very happiest of holidays.


Friday, September 6, 2013

cleaning out the studio!!

we have been looking to buy a home for over
two years now, and we finally have found one!

this week we found out that
all things are a go (this is so exciting to me),
as i am a girl who day dreams about flooring
and kitchen counters.

anyway- as a result i am packing things
up and am going to sell my old paintings
(on my etsy site).   some of these paintings are
super duper old, and i find myself struggling
with whether or not i should sell them at all-
because they look NOTHING like what i make
now.   basically i have decided to get over
myself and to let the world have them
(if they want them)

these are the ones i found yesterday

(this actually became a greeting card years ago)

this was made in hopes of becoming a greeting card
(it didn't make the cut), but i thought it so cute i never
could paint over it.

this was made for fun, and i liked it so much i never
sold it- BUT did he ever make it onto the wall?  no.
so he is up for grabs!

weird but cool, right?  made for a father's
day card.

these ones are going up soon (i think)
but they are WAY old.  like almost 20 years
old.  been sitting in a folder and haven't
seen the light of day, well... ever.


i thought these were SO funny when i made them.

these are covered in wax which is
why they are so milky looking...

and these ones (above), i really love them,
but again, i never got them on the wall, so apparently
they need a home.

hopefully i can get them all up here in the next day or two, and
the world will help me out and find them some homes!

have a productive day,

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

LONDON (here we come!)

this fall my gramma (89 years old) called me, and said 
"i want to go to europe, and i want you to be
my travel partner." 

"SURE!  let's do it." i said.

i started looking into things, and we settled
on a riverboat cruise.  she said she loved
the waltz and wanted to go on the Danube.
so we started to plan.

Then about a month or so she called, and
said, "i don't think i should do it".  
my knee.  my blood pressure.  my heart.
and i said, "that's okay gramma, i totally understand."
and i did.

honestly i was saddened by this.  my gramma is my
biggest soft spot.  she taught me how to be nice or at least
to try to be nice all of the time.  how to patient
(man was that lady patient).  she taught me all
about family first.  and i love her for always being
my number one fan.  she truly is the best person
i have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

(i wish i had a photo of her to insert here but i
don't right now)

then in november, she passed away.  and i thought
about all the things i never got to say and all the things i had
yet to do (like this trip).

then, as i posted in february of this year i lost another family
member. Jason (my brother in-law) was quite young (43 years old),
and i thought again about all the things i haven't done,
and have wanted to do for a L O N G time.

so... i bought two tickets to London.  this trip will be just
me and my son Henry...

 heading off to see one of my very
best friends and her family, and a little bit of family.  

so this is us jumping off!  and saying farewell for the 
time being.

don't wait too long to do the things you want to do,
because you never know when you might have 
waited just a bit too long.


all beautiful photos are by the talented Jeremy Baer-Simon

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Sweet Life (with BLEND fabrics)

I am just tickled to introduce you to
 my second fabric collection with BLEND
 (available for purchase in July). 

~made for adventure (multi panel)

~small truths 

~field of joy, blue

~field of joy, pink

~tiny seeds, blue

~tiny seeds, pink

~stellar blooms, blue

~stellar blooms, khaki

~pure goodness, blue

~pure goodness, khaki

~pure delight, blue

~pure delight, pink

(a quilt made from the fabrics!)

this makes me so happy!
so very very happy.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

patterns patterns and more patterns...

i have come to the conclusion that
i LOVE making patterns out of my
paintings.  i could do it for HOURS
and hours...  perhaps days and days.

here is some proof!

it sort of brings out this really compulsive characteristic
i seem to have, which goes something like this...

ooh, this is pretty.
i wonder what happens if i do this,
and then this...  and if i grab that
and i use it...  and then and then

on and on and on i can go.

and then all of a sudden all my work hours are gone!

hope you are all busy doing something
you love.

OOx, c.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Somerset March 2013!

I am SO tickled by this!

this is one of those too good to be 
true moments for me.

i have ALWAYS admired the Somerset Studio magazine...
but i had read the submission guidelines...
i knew you had to submit your own
ideas, articles, pictures to be lucky enough to find
your way into one of the beauties, and that
frankly scared the you know what out of me!  

now if you have read my blog you KNOW i don't
consider myself to be a writer (or a teacher).  
and because of that i always assumed i would never
be able to get into the "Vogue of the paper world"
because what would i write about?  how many 
years would it take me not only to formulate an 
idea that was magazine worthy, but to then
turn around and write about it...  
that would take ANOTHER YEAR (at least) !!! 

so i let the dream go...  which was sad, but honestly
knowing how i labor over the words made that okay.

but then i got the stop what your doing and do a little
dance email that made my year!  hi coir, would you be 
interested in....   you can imagine the rest. 
and of course i was absolutely THRILLED TO BITS!

and what you are looking at here is the lovely proof
that it really did happen.  OH!  the joy!

could someone pinch me.  this really does seem
to good to be true.

 thank you Christen Olivarez
thank you Somerset magazine.

thank you for doing what you 
do and doing it, oh so well...